Good afternoon,

 Thank you to everyone who fought the traffic, to get to the meeting last night, and help recognize the Top Managers and welcome Jesus Benavente.

The evening started off with some announcements.

1.     This will be the last year we will be able to hold meetings at the Holiday Inn in Worthington. It is due to be torn down in July 2017. We are actively searching for another location for close to the same cost as not have to increase our dues. Everything seems to be increasing in cost but we will do our best.

2.    January 19, 2017 is Student Night. This is where the OSU Student Chapter brings us up to date on their chapter projects and personal journeys. It is also the night the Central Ohio Chapter rewards scholarship money to selected students. Come out and join us for a great evening!

3.    The theme for the Winter Party on February 11, 2017 is “Animal House”! Come as your favorite character or toga!

After announcements Jesus took the stage and opened his presentation with our current market issues and a few positive points regarding NAFTA. NAFTA has helped increase purchasing power in the region, helped the economy double since it was signed and also tripled trade between Canada, The US and Mexico. Jesus explained our current problem is the ability to incorporate new technologies in our old facilities. Currently China is building new plants that are already capable of newer technologies. The major technology being used in the US is phenolic which is about 80% of our industry and developed in the 60’s. Also, Asia can employ 6 employees at the same cost as 1 here in the US. The US still has the edge on quality but Asia is closing. New technologies that include Inorganics is the way of the future but the US will be in need of capital investments. In the end, Inorganics and the use of solidification software’s will help minimize usage, reduce emissions and have a better overall environmental impact. Jesus also gave us an in depth look at the various binders available and their uses. Thank you Jesus for a very interesting presentation.

Last night’s winner of the 50/50 pot was Ron Aufderheide, who donated back to the student scholarship program and the winner of the RSVP was Ray Stacy of O.S. Kelly.

Thank you again to everyone who was able to make it. Please join us in January for our Student Scholarship Presentation.

I hope everyone has a great and safe holiday season and GO BUCKS!!

Michael J. Warner

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To advance, through Research and Education, the Arts and Sciences relating to the Manufacture and Utilization of Metal Castings

The American Foundry Society (AFS) was founded in 1896

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Since then the AFS has grown into an international organization with over 10,000

with members in 47 countries and today there are 52 local chapters and 33 student chapters affiliated with the AFS in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  


        Membership in the AFS is open to anyone interested to support and promote the foundry industry and includes membership in the chapter closest to your residence. By joining the AFS you automatically become eligible for all the benefits and advantages our Society has to offer including educational opportunities and the fellowship and networking offered by your local chapter. There are seven classes of membership to choose from:




Link to updates from the industry in MODERN CASTING NEWS

Link to updates from the industry in MODERN CASTING NEWS

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